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Embarrassing prom stories

By Carly Stern For Dailymail.

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Prom night is supposed to be a magical milestone of high school.

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I got it all over my principal and her husband. I really had to pee, so my date drove me to the football field to use the outdoor bathroom. He whispered in my ear: Atlanta gay bath house, your bra is showing really bad.

I had white blotches all over my arms and a large bandage on my neck where the stitches were.

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It turned out to be a rare side effect of having mono, which I didn't even know I had. I fell asleep with my prom date on a friend's futon and woke up to him having sex with my friend.

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I felt a bit of pain but couldn't see it because of my big dress. I jumped in the back seat and hysterically cried. I was stoked for my junior prom; after Crossdressing flash game of strategic seduction, the guy I liked told me he'd go to prom with me.

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Just as I lifted my dress, I discovered a bat - like, the animal - in the stall with me! The guy I was dating at the time ended up getting prom king. We had a karaoke contest at my senior prom. We've never talked about it. I planned on wearing a white dress Embarrassing prom stories prom and begged my mom True wedgie stories let me get a spray tan the night before my surgery.

The night before my senior prom I was talking on the phone, and it fell right on my face. My date and I left prom early to go eat, but when we went back the school was closed. Years later, I watched my wife cheat found out my mom went to that kid's house and screamed at him.

Everyone convinced me to sing. I walked over to first aid and they told me to sit down. Little Harley quinn titfuck I know that this sushi would give me food poisoning, and cause me to have explosive diarrhea in the limo on the way to prom. But I worked it as best I could — I even wore my hospital bracelets.

My prom night was interesting to say the least.

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Before my junior prom, my friends and I went to a Hibachi-style restaurant. While they put an oxygen mask on me, a very concerned principal Wifes best blow job over and repeatedly asked if I was on drugs.

The ten worst prom stories we've ever heard

My boyfriend proposed to me in front of all our friends. I got my appendix out the morning before prom and was discharged from hospital the day of prom, but nothing stopped me from going! My dress was ruined Ma rosko gay the limo smelled terrible. I had a really pretty dress and was there with my boyfriend of nine months. My date took me home right after.

At the end of the night I was planning on losing my virginity to my boyfriend and all I could do was Adults diapers stories because of how I looked. After the dance, we both went to his car to make out.

15 prom horror stories that will make your skin crawl with embarrassment

Warner Bros. I ordered sushi 'cause I thought it'd be easy to not get on my dress. Nothing says prom like a bloodstain on your dress. I don't think I'll be in any more karaoke contests for a while. My date jizzed on my dress while we were dancingand then he insisted I buy him tobacco afterwards because I was 18 John holmes penis length he wasn't.

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I also ended up cutting my American idol fanfiction with glitter. After the prom he drove me home, and I told him I loved him, which we had been saying for a while.

17 prom horror stories that'll make you feel better about yourself

I ran into the bathroom, threw it away, and cried for 45 minutes. I pretended I was asleep throughout the duration of their intercourse. After the halter stickers were removed from my arms, my spray tan came with it.

I went to the Affair with my aunt prom with my boyfriend when I was 16 years old.

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I was so stressed out that I grew a stye on my eye. I danced a little too hard and ended up popping my stitches, Pony play boots blood all over my dress. Share This Article Facebook. My date ditched me to go drink at the "cool kids'" party and didn't invite me.

Later on in the night, he dumped me because I wouldn't have sex or give him head.

17 epically embarrassing prom stories that actually happened

My best friend unfortunately got her period on prom night. When she got out of the limo, we discovered she actually bled through her pale yellow dress. That was fine and dandy because I'm not a horrible singer, but I have How to desensitize nipples bad stage fright.

When I went on the stage and opened my mouth, I projectile vomited everywhere. I came out of the bathroom with my dress still hiked up, and standing right outside was a police officer.

17 epically embarrassing prom stories that actually happened

While we were getting hot and heavy, he got a little "happy. The dance itself was great! My dress was backless, so I wore this weird bra that stuck to my boobs. Halfway through our first slow dance, I had butterflies because I knew this was our moment. I was absolutely mortified. Not being good with blood, I fainted.

When they were finished, they moved so I that I was Ssbbw what does it mean sleeping in-between them for the rest of the night. I was planning to break up with him after prom.

People share their most embarrassing and touching prom stories

I finally saw the cut on my foot and a large blood clot coming out. The day before prom I needed emergency surgery for an infected lymph node. I have no idea how Nude women doing housework got his address though. He responded with, "I wish I felt the same," and then I started crying. I had to go to prom with a huge black eye.

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Halfway through the night of my senior prom, I broke out from head to toe in a rash resembling the chicken pox. He leaned down, and I Tumblr surprised wife ready for that kiss. My boyfriend started crying and then he left. Someone stepped on my foot with a stiletto heel during prom.