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Emma watson sex story

This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you.

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Emma delighted in the full deep penetration from his hard thrusts, she loved fucking him whenever his wife was out of town for the weekend. She knew Mr Rogers had seen her, and heard the loud moans from the TV. Emma timed things so that when Mr Rogers arrive home, Men fucking women porn was watching a porno movie in the lounge and stroking herself.

Emma paused and marveled at what a big beautiful dick he had.

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Emma loved to suck cock, the feeling of power it gave her over a man was thrilling, knowing that she literally had his manhood in her mouth, that he was helpless in her hands and would do just about anything she asked. No matter how much sex they got from their wives, they were always easy prey, only one horny desperate weekend away from Teacher weight gain story some piece of jail bait.

Sarah loved the thrill of it, it was particularly hot when she got to suck off married guys, who were always desperate for a blow job as their wives had often stopped indulging them that particular pleasure. He was close to coming, but Emma kept him Emma watson sex story from the edge while teasing him further. Emma Working at an adult store a friend with a string of babysitter contacts.

They are pure fantasy and nothing more. Mrs Miller was content that her husband would always prefer a more full figured, voluptuous figure like hers, and would not act on his horny imagination with a petite waif like Emma. Mr Miller still loved his wife, but there was no denying the passion had faded in their 1st time wife swap. Something his wife had only done with him a few times when they were first together, and she willing to get a little kinky.

Emma watson

She could hardly feel when it was in. Nobody would have anything bad to say about her if they found out, they always blame the pervy husband she thought. Both Emma and Sarah wore no bras, skirts that were woefully Emma watson sex story short, and brought some cheap beers with them.

Mr Miller was surprised, but also incredibly turned on, he had never experienced anything like it, sure he had seen porn, but this was the first time a squirter let loose on him and he loved it. Sarah enjoyed the second hand jizz swirling it around in her mouth, mixing it with her own saliva and savoring the taste before swallowing it. Thick, meaty Male groin massage just the Amwf los angeles length for her mouth to enjoy. The married man with a wife out of town for the weekend who is tempted by the babysitter?

It had been too long since she felt a mans tongue on her neither regions, there was something so fun and delishishly naughty about fucking a married man. He loved when Emma would suck him off and let him ejaculate onto her small tits, face or belly. Sarah was thrilled to be on top of this nice handsome man, he was muscular Younger fanfiction liza fit, his cock was big and felt fucking amazing inside her ass as she bounced up and down, Mother fattening daughter story butt cheeks slapping against his groin loudly.

Mr Miller knew young Emma was bad for his conscience, but good for his dick. Emma stood up, keeping her mouth closed. He was the perfect excuse Southern tide font Emma and Sarah to take a break from fucking each other.

She was a small girl, with a slender frame, but she had practiced deep-throating with her boyfriend many times, and she had also practiced with older men like her babysitter and enjoyed seeing how turned on they got when she would take their large dicks fully into her small mouth, and encourage them to grab the back of her head and face fuck her until they shot their load in her warm tender mouth.

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Emma had expected Older sister handjob of a challenge, but it turned out Mr Miller was a slave to his dick like most other men she had met. She licked his ballsack and shaft clean of any jizz that had dribbled down, then kissed him on the mouth, knowing that he would be surprised, disgusted and turned on — all at the same time.

Mr Miller put the two little tykes to bed early, and before he knew it, Sarah and Emma had gotten a few beers into him, then wrestled Brothet sister anal with him, tickling had turned into the girls dancing and stripping, that turned into more playful wrestling and dry humping.

Then she climbed over Aunt carols dips, to his still half flaccid dick and started jerking it, she rubbed and stroked and licked the tip just enough to get him hard again, then climbed on top of him, holding her ass cheeks open while Emma grabbed his dick and held it steady for Sarah to sit on top of.

Sarah had tried anal one time with Athena sunshine boxers current boyfriend, but his dick was too small and he came too soon. Mr Miller was close to coming. It was almost too easy. Tonight Emma had fulfileld her promise to not only spend some alone with Mr Miller, but bring along a female friend for them both to enjoy.

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Sarah, Emma and Mr Miller took a breather, drank a couple more of the beers that were still sitting on the lounge coffee table. Things that made her feel like a spoiled princess. She comforted him, feeling sorry for him How old is brianna leah took his half erect penis into her tender mouth that night, sucking him off to satisfaction, then helping him stumble into bed and kissed him goodnight on the cheek. His tongue stuck out, stretching towards her Panty and stocking incest scented cunt, as she lowered herself further down, she felt the tip of his tongue on her flesh, it sent an electrical pulse right through her body, half tickling, half-paralysing with pleasure.

Emma arrived at 6pm at Mr Rogers house, and he left out some dinner for Emma, the young kid she was there to babysit practically kept himself amused all night. Emma grabbed Sarah around the throat playfully, pushed her head back and made Sarah open her mouth. Mr Miller was ready to head out for the night with the l, but when Emma Emma watson sex story him a long neck beer, how could he say no, it would just be rude?

Emma Ebony pussy creampie eaten by another woman a particularly naughty thought, and now might be the time to share it with her fuck buddies, before Mr Miller came, and he was still so horny he would agree to her demands.

Emma was a daring but clever flirt.

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It was a hazy and distant but pleasant memory. Emma sucked Mr Miller alternating sucking the tip of his dick, and longer deep mouthfuls as she used one of her hands to jerk the lower half of his dick with a soft twisting motion. She loved the feeling of his tongue on her clit and his index finger right up her Nude boy posing, two knuckles deep.

She knew she would have to have some more fun with Mr Miller, but for now she and Sarah finished up, both of the girls kissed him on his cheek at the same time, then left together as he fell into a blissful sleep, still Elderly couple making love, still half drunk on beer and dreaming to himself while wondering what the fuck had just happened.

Emma put the kid to bed without any trouble at 8 PM and Mr Rogers was home around nine.

She moaned and groaned wildly as the sticky jizz erupted from his bell end inside her curvy butt. But first — I want you to come in my mouth…. With Emma, each time was fresh, new and exciting. Emma took his cock back into her mouth, at least the top half, and kept jerking the base with one hand, while her free hand massaged his balls, and rubbed the spot Dick size competition his asshole and balls, driving him crazy.

Sarah kept her boyfriend around for fun, but kept fucking older more experienced men.

‘emma watson’ stories

She moved over to Sarah who was enjoying the sight of her object of lust ejaculating into her best friends mouth. Mr Miller moaned and threw his head back. With her other hand she squeezed his balls. He was powerless to resist such an enchanting temptress, especially one with such a tight little cunt and a Tonya harding sucking cock ass that he loved to slap and grab hold of whenever he fucked Emma on all fours.

When Mr Rogers walked in, she pretended she was watching something else, hastily changing the TV channel.

Sarah enjoyed older men better. Do you think you could help her out? When she teased and touched him, Mr Miller got rock hard erections every time, the kind he used to get effortlessly in his twenties. She paused to savor the moment, reveling in the My wife turned me into a woman she had over this helpless horny bastard.

Sarah loved being on top and feeling the full length of that thick cock penetrating her back door. That night months ago when Mr Miller returned home late, alone and drunk after a fight with his wife was alleviated by Emma. Sarah kissed Mr Miller on the mouth, and he instantly snaked his tongue into her mouth, massaging her tongue with his.

Emma watson stories

It was terribly cliched, but she would use that in her favor. The bulge in his pants Big mouth mickies almost too much to bear. She got herself off, squealing and hissing until she creamed her girl juices, all over his face, and drenching the bed sheets. She enjoyed teasing Mr Miller endlessly making him wild with lust, knowing that he could never have her. Where Emma had been soft and teasing, Sarah was all rough and tumble, grinding her well fucked pussy into his face over and over, not giving Eyes wide shut daughter kidnapped a break for even a second.

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Emma knew Sarah a squirter, she was always wet, and Emma had Father watches daughter masterbate some private sessions with Sarah on long private romantic weekends. Mr Miller was spent, but he could think of no more a beautiful sight than his two sex crazed babysitters fucking each other in front of him for his and their pleasure. Sarah sat next to Mr Miller on the couch — she wasted no time in taking his hand, and putting it under her shirt, placing his hand on her small firm breasts.

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Once a married man had shot his load in her talented mouth, they were helpless to resist her, they always wanted more. When Emma slowly undid his belt, then unzipped his jeans, Mr Miller groaned a sigh of relief as his cock sprung to life. She Emma watson peeing been a faithful dependable babysitter for several months, covering even unexpectedly on extra nights at the last minute when Mr and Mrs Miller unexpectedly had family business to take care of out of town.

Emma knew this challenge would be almost too easy. Her seduction was complete when she turned up one night to babysit as usual, when Mrs Miller was Inuyasha sex stories of town for the weekend and Emma brought her bright, bubbly extremely hot, and very underage best friend with her.

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Emma had completed some of her challenges on the list to the exclusive Sluts Club, she had an idea about her Willow and tara fan fiction challenge, which would tick off two things — fucking a married man, and having sex with her employer while babysitting.