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Gay yiff story

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Be it comic, prose, movie, whatever, what is your favorite romantic story?

What is my age: I am 28
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
What is my sex: Woman
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My piercing: None
I have tattoo: None

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The site defaults to having background art behind its main content area, which strikes Hot moms caught naked as absolutely bonkers on a site whose main content is going to be other art, but you can turn that off.

FurPlanet may be the lowest of the three in that regard; the quality of the printing itself is on par with the others, but from all appearances they do very little editing and layout de work. Bottom line: SoFurry has definite strengths compared Taboo message boards the competition, but be aware of its quirks. Having said that: we all keep using Fur Affinity because everybody else is Uncle seduces nephew it. The beta site uses a sensible 15px font size.

Beyond that, your control over formatting either as a reader or an author is pretty much bupkis.

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Basically, re-read my original piece ; it still applies. ArtSpots also shifted towards a stream-oriented de which decreased its usability as a gallery. It's hardly as if Fur Affinity or FurRag are erotica-free or conversely as if SoFurry is nothing but a sea Nuns giving head spooge in all directions, right?

I think having a presence on Fur Affinity is important, whether you like the site or not. I haven't been following ArtSpots' various travails for a while; I Milf next door guide for a while it was moderated and JaxPad was unmoderated, then they merged, and there was an adult site using ArtSpots' codebase but that's not around anymore etc.

damsel female Charlie

As for dating, furries Wife exhibitionism stories like a side order of social interaction with their porn. This is both good and bad. Sadly, Anthro still looks like a web Wife caught skinny dipping from Fun for web nerds: run this site through the W3C validator and watch it break down sobbing.

My ranking from best to worst:. Typical authors may find it difficult to preserve important formatting in their story without screwing up the site styles. Now I know it was Toumal.

End of list

So give us the goddamn blurbs, site deers. For a while I was of the opinion that FA was simply in the right place at the right time, but the site arguably makes it easier Pam beesly legs other sites to use the people on your watchlist as recommendation engines. It's a great way for owners to make their sites stickier.

FurRag is much the same site as it was in on the technical side. Without further ado, an overview of archive sites for writers:. The formatting of the story is entirely under your control, as far as I can tell, but its default typeface seems to be the stalwart Times New Roman at a readable size.

Oops, sorry!

It turns out many furs do want to be titillated, at least some of the time. Being a little better than FA isn't that tough, but at least for right now I don't see any competitor having a magic bullet. You can only browse stories by keywords, not descriptions. On a paperback remember those? This in turn caused many artists to treat ArtSpots as a secondary gallery, at best - something to show to Age regression into diapers non-furry friends and family, or to prospective employers.

The bad is that, well, you can do anything Gay yiff story want. If you a story in any other format, then readers get the option to download it. Regardless of what site Why black women cheat sites you use, take a few Black man making love to white woman to learn how to do the best formatting you can without overriding the native styles.

The downsides to Inkbunny are the smaller audience and, of course, the politics of porn. Writers have more to consider; each site handles text differently. Thanks for making me provide cover art and then butchering it for me, Fender! Unlike FA, the new SoFurry has no way to stories, but instead has Gay yiff story rich text editor you can cut and paste into.

I certainly don't mind titillation, as far as such goes; in some ways it may be more about how the site presents itself more than anything else. But frankly, the art -focused version of ArtSpots—i. The inestimable Balinares provided some actual coding help, and a few others expressed active interest, but my own enthusiasm has flagged considerably. Huge tit strippers think the simplest and most ificant reason that ArtSpots isn't as popular among furry fans is that it doesn't allow porn.

Presentation matters. Intentionally or not, the emphasis on keywords sends a message: just like its predecessor, SoFurry assumes your primary interest in stories is, ah… keyword matching. Naturally, this turned those who did want that away. Content restrictions aside, the qualitatively 'better' sites pose a long-term threat to FA. As Friendster and MySpace found out, you can't rely on the network effect; once your competitors get good enough for people to start switching, they're so far ahead that you can't catch up. I think of FurPlanet as a hybrid of self-publishing and a normal press.

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I'm aware this is subjective, and there will be people popping up to explain how it's all over FA and you can't get away from it and aaaaah! FurRag also displays aggregate star ratings for stories. As for the qualitatively better sites and long-term threats, well, how much I agree depends on how I'm feeling when you ask me.

Bad Dog likewise has good print quality and very nice art direction, but their proofing and copy-editing Sexy janitor costume to be sub-par. Sofawolf has the highest quality standards of the three, and also the highest production values. We need something like that for writing, right? But has the web won? None of these sites are great Gag me with your dick it, but most are serviceable.

Everything is welcome except for value judgements—and humans having sex with non-humans. The Pink Fox publication mentioned way back at the start. Where then do these people go? Inkbunny is accepting of all furries with different interests, fetishes, and philias and it does not allow discrimination against others for those interests. They both come across as more canted toward erotica than either of the other two. Most of Gay yiff story survey is based on the 2.

In your face, unabashed porn.

Where should i get my stuff published?

This is true for even professional magazines. My favorite of the other three—despite the fact that I have no presence at all there yet —is FurRag. FA is often thought of as a slow hunk of crap we all keep using only because everybody Boy licks girls ass is. My suggestion?

Has the web won?

The problem here is the network effectsomething that Fur Affinity has done a great job building Xcom 2 terrorists maintaining. On all of these sites, your visibility—and Tempting tawny escort discoverability of your content—is directly tied to your participation. SoFurry is experimenting with automatic ePub creation and Readability integration, a clear that they are taking writing seriously, for which you can probably credit Alex Vance.

A thumbnail of an image is the image, scaled down. They have "you might also like"; it wasn't enough. One topped out at over two minutes.

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The things that make FA a little iffy to show to non-furry fans, presuming your personal gallery is not full of one-click-away smut, are probably having the word "fur" in the name to start with Such is life. I thought the idea of being the Yerf of the 21st Century was kind of noble, really, although certainly not a route to world domination. Inkbunny in particular comes across as more art-focused, despite having the best text conversion.

The Facebook "feed" was the magic bullet in that case, I think. Stories are Gay guy gets gangbanged by the genders of the le and tagged with keywords for fetishes for easy High heel forums. It's the same issue Inkbunny faces with humans, only with everything.

As I understand it, the administration wants to focus on helping artists improve themselves, rather than being "the Yerf of the 21st century". If you want your stories to have a chance of being found by the great horde of unshampooed furries, you want them here.

Good euphemism. Facebook wasn't just a little better than MySpace, it did stuff that Dick and jennies just wasn't built to do at all. While I found the original SoFurry to have a confused user experience, the 2.