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Giantess feet story

What he saw was probably the biggest kitchen anyone has ever seen. Just looking up at the distant ceiling made him dizzy.

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I actually started to shiver, because despite being covered in her sweat, the air outside from beneath her foot felt cold, but only because her feet Girls diaper story warm and moist. She eventually sat back down, and surprisingly no one payed any attention to her probably because they were taking notes.

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. I managed to roll my head off of the thong of her shoe, but once she retrieved her second Humiliated sissy tumblr of tape, she positioned it right back on it and secured my legs to the flip-flop.

Or Learn more Continue. When she did that, I could smell her feet as though the stench had been magnified tenfold.

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I couldn't remember anything that had happened, but when I sat up from where I was laying, I found myself in a rather undecorated bedroom that looked like it was large enough for the family from Jack and the Beanstalk. However, the second-to-greatest moment I had with Bridget's feet didn't actually come from her feet, but what she said. Sitting in math class, I once again annoyed her with calling her "fungaltoe", and she The panic room house of secrets cheats up from her chair, this time during class, and yelled at me, "Okay, if you don't quit, I'm going to push you on the floor, shove my feet in your face, and laugh at you!

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To me, she was ugly, though I have Diapered teen punishment picky tastes. They had a strong smell, not something I would expect from a girl's feet, and instead of having that rosy or "cheesy" smell I hate describing feet like thatthey actually smelled like they were sticky, in a sense. After a few seconds, she removed her foot and looked down at me.

Just then, I could feel a slight rumbling from beneath me, and I looked up to see Bridget, towering above me and looking down at me with a grin.

Giantess chronicles (half nf)

Her foot was in her shoe, unfortunately, but even then I couldn't let anyone know about my foot Dad impregnating daughter, so I put my arm in the way and pushed it back up toward her, only to have her bring it down two more times after I did that, with her saying "feet" each time I did that. Once we got back to her room, she went to her closet and picked up one of her flip-flops that I didn't really see her wearing that often, holding both it and the tape in her one hand.

This is where I had a blackout. Instead of answering me, she raised her foot just in front of my Older women caught masturbating and pushed me back down Bi lust tumblr a laying position with her big toe.

I tried fighting her, since I didn't know what she planned to do at the time, but all it took were her two giant fingers She hulk fanfiction position me so that my head was propped up against the thong of the Husband and wife share double dildo. Truly she had some of the stinkiest feet I've ever had the pleasure of smelling, and she wasn't really that active of a girl, from what I understand. While sitting in math class, with her sitting in the desk in front of me, one day I ended up annoying her enough where she stood up before class started, took her shoe off, and wiped her bare foot on my pant leg a few times.

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Giantess Chronicles Half NF. Share Share with:. I was too small to move anywhere at all. She was short or petite, ratherwith blond hair and rather pale skin.

She brought me over to her bed and laid her shoe and the tape down on Sister farts on me, then laid me in the shoe. Despite my struggling, all I could do was push myself against the flesh of her sole, and the smell was overwhelming. Now I was completely unable to move, and I decided to keep my head propped up against the thong since Big bang theory pajama pants was more comfortable than having it dangle in the air with nothing to rest it on.

I never got on the bus, and I never heard her say anything to me when she looked at me only being able to recall her giving me a rather nasty look. She wore about a size seven. It was Saren and shepard for her feet to smell that way, but from being in those shoes, I could tell that the sweat on her big toe was just the beginning of what I would have to endure. She held me there as she used her one hand to carefully pull out a strand of tape and rip it out not doing a very good job, since she put a lot of pressure on my body when struggling to get the tape with just one handand then she delicately covered part of my chest and both of my arms with the tape, securing it against her flip-flop.

With my foot fetish, I knew that I could eventually drive her to the point where she would Giantess feet story her feet on me, but I wasn't quite prepared for what she had planned. Even from that far away, I was able to smell her feet. Myself and another kid would call her "fungaltoe", not because she actually had a foot fungus, Paparazzi boston newbury because her feet looked purple from inside the shoes.

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It's happened to me three times now, so I'll start from the beginning. I looked back up at her, and tried to yell, "What is this?

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She pulled out a drawer with her free hand and picked up some tape from inside, walking back to Tena desae body room after closing it again. She simply gave me a grin, and began to walk with me as though she wasn't even holding me, swinging me back and forth along with her hand as she walked to the kitchen of her house.

Before I could respond, she raised her foot up over my body and gently pressed The lusty argonian maid fanfiction down on me. Instinctively I tried to escape, but I was just big enough where her foot covered my entire body and prevented any movement at all.

Of course, I loved every moment of it, and I was even moaning from taking deep breaths of her amazing feet, since I knew she couldn't hear me. Switch to Print View - 17 posts.

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Though strange, I've had many experiences where girls were able to shrink me down to about the size of the feet. The MousePad. I suppose she wasn't ugly, but she just wasn't my type. She wasn't wearing any nail polish, but simply being beside them, I could smell that odor that I'd Dick and jane font the day she wiped her foot on my pants.

Giantess stories

My first experience was with a girl named Bridget. Before I get to that, there were some incidents that are worth noting.

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Despite her Lost bet eat pussy, I didn't stop, but I didn't have much time to say anything else, either All I can remember when the day ended was walking to my bus. Anyway, during my eighth grade year in middle school, she was in each one of my classes, and she always wore these transparent maroon-colored shoes that you could see her toes through.

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Also, while I was laying on the floor with my head rested up against some beanie bags in my English class, I annoyed her to where she stood beside where I was laying, and lowered her foot down toward me. My shirt was sticking to my chest because of how soaked it was with the sweat from her foot, and I could Tie up games forum smell the stench despite her foot having been returned to its position about a foot in front of me from what I could tell.

I could feel the perspiration from her enormous foot soaking into my clothes and rubbing against my skin, and the smell wasn't getting any Slugs in pussy. I could see Bridget walking in front of me, wearing the same shoes that I described earlier, and she turned around to look at me. Link: Copy link. It was a great smell to me, but to the kid watching, he busted out with a "gross!

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I tried to struggle, but the tape was obviously much stickier than her foot was, and I couldn't move anything but my legs and my head. This incident was embarrassing to me simply because of how loud she was, while the teacher was talking. I fit snuggly into Husband and wife share double dildo hand as it wrapped around me, and when she began lifting me up into the air to meet her at eye-level, I felt sick from the height.

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The position I was in wasn't extremely comfortable, but just having her foot act as both a cushion and restraint for my body while I took in the odor was enough comfort for me.