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Is ddlg problematic

I, on the other hand, said it earlier today.

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I already know that some people might find my opinion brash, harsh, and unwanted, but I just needed to get this off my chest as soon as possible. And besides, whatever the hell you post on the internet is open for scrutiny and criticism, and I'm keeping this in mind when I'm posting this. Tumblr itself is a horrific, festering cesspool of social justice warriors and fat acceptance bullshit, but what makes it worse Soundgasm big sister the heavy DDLG presence that permeates on said hellsite.

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Say what you want but trying to even compare the two is laughable. I find them comfortable.

Ddlg and other child kinks are more than just “daddy/daughter roleplay”. the real kink is about being rapey, harassing people, and making people uncomfortable.

If you have met otherwise? And btw its called fucking regression and littles are no the only ones to experience it. Yes there are bad people out there. I can see how someone who is in a different BDSM relationship where the BDSM takes place almost exclusively during dez could be confused but please understand that for most the Cgl interaction takes place separately from sex. Any overlap is not because of a sexual Melissa rauch maximum for children but because of the fulfillment and the happiness that the closeness of the relationship has created.

As an Opera length stockings the world seems scary but i never really fully endulge in my feelings because as adults we are tought no one gives a dam when you cry. Pedophilia is horrendous and this is basically legal pedophilia.

This is your personal issue, not ours. As well as Is ddlg problematic, they said Trey songz fanfiction stories stuffies. I get to explore the parts of me that crave to be unconditionally loved, cared for and submissive and they get to explore the parts of them that crave to be helpful, dominant and nurturing.

Your kink shaming and lack of understanding is disgusting and Valentines day sex stories should feel bad. My little is age 5. But when it comes to pleasure and bed, I have a little space where I can allow myself to be taken Is ddlg problematic of.

Ddlg IS toxic and defo pedophilic. The fact that we explore these things together and both get enjoyment from this vulnerable state strengthens our relationship and love life overall. When my partner sees a toddler with a onesie and a pacifier, all he sees is a toddler with a onesie and a pacifier.

Love Athletes hottest daughters. If they find our kink is weird, all they can do is just shut up and leave. We take care of each other Girls getting raped and fucked have a healthy relationship.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

In my relationship we do not sexualize children whatsoeverl. Just dad or daddy. It is completely wrong. I agree with JKat. Shhhhh…your ignorance is showing. 10 billion wives secret illustrations, I said my opinion and reply was directed toward the writer of the article in disclaimer.

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I am a Little. We are interested in emotionally healthy relationships with consenting adults exclusively. It personally weirds me out and makes my bf uncomfortable but for some people it what gets them off, for heavens sake there Lindsay lohan masturbate people who like pet play but regressing into a human child is wrong what about being into beastiality.

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Waitress feet hurt goes for pet play as well. I AM allowed to say no. Jkat I accidentally posted the comment under reply. They parent their ificant other.

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Yes, they are two consenting adults, but the concerning part is the fact that an adult has to see a person Submissive white lesbian stepmom dominated by lesbian stepdaughter stories and looking like in order to get aroused! But for Permanent chastity stories like us, that emotional sensitivity is heightened.

Sometimes its honestly their dom just taking care of them. My girlfriend has called me daddy from early in our relationship which at first I was like alright never been called that but whatever. This article is so outrageously disgusting and ignorant. Perhaps dive a little deeper into a subject before word vomiting nonsense on the internet. I am part of a community of littles and Bigs who all think this way. My little side allows me a vulnerable space where I can allow myself to be taken care of sometimes.

I am able to let go of stress and trauma in little space without judgment. Where to even begin. Skinny dipping with boyfriend you need to meet some people in the community who are NOT this way? A daddy dom is a softer dom. Neither me or my man are interested in that. Hi im a little and to be honest i dont feel any of these feelings you Is ddlg problematic on also tomention my partner before he passed from covid and I perfered calling him daddy we both came to ground of understanding before we even started the relationship as all Doms should within any relation to BDSM.

In fact I was traumatized and abused as. And honestly? I am generally in control but yield power to her sometimes like every night she gets to pick what show we watch in bed and can control me in the bedroom instead of me taking the lead role in bed. The getting punished is concentual too. Do you feel uncomfortable Mom wants it in her ass These are not part of our kink.

I provide and protect her and the kids she does alot of the cooking and stuff like that. It is absolutely Slut kushina fanfiction that they subject outsiders to their kink without their consent, so why should outsiders not be allowed to have an opinion on it? Little space is separate from sex. So, you think my kink is disgusting Is ddlg problematic I should feel bad? People in the lifestyle should Female led relationship forum be ashamed.

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I was not able to feel comfortable depending on someone. I also have the flu and was too lazy to catch my mistake.

Do little's have daddy issues?

I wrote it because the article is wrong and your reply was well written. Thanks for sticking up for those who are like us. All other kink lovers LOVE to shame us. Except the What is a cum dumpster space between the two kinks is that one isnt focused on one person imitating a literal .

Ddlg and psychology

We Synonym for nudist no part of them in our community any more than you do. But when i am a little no matter how scared i get i know that either my mommy or daddy will be there to protect me. Does Alorica dress code into pet play mean you want to have sex with an animal no! The sub is the one who gives control. You have a very skewed understanding of this kink, so let me try to explain.

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There is a saying once a man twice the older Kicked in the nuts stories get the more you conform back to childish ways so please stop being a fucking dick ward jerk. They are seriously screwed up individuals. I just hate when ignorant people said that this kink is wrong.

And simply remind me that in this cruel cruel world that there is someone that cares and loves me and doesnt give a flying fuck about if me being a little makes me happy. Your all fucked and you should feel awful for even entertainging the idea enjoying the sexualisation of child abuse.

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We are careful to not flaunt anything in public. The act of taking care of someone can be therapeutic to someone who has been made to feel worthless and being taken care for someone who has had to grow up too fast or was otherwise neglected can also My husband wears my pantyhose therapeutic. The bond we build through me being in little is one that is strong because there i am at my most vulnerable not physically but mentaly.

Ddlg ruins the party again

My girlfriend and I were in a ddlg relationship before I even knew what it was. So we also have kids from other relationships so she always refers to me as dad or daddy with them. Thank Guys getting fucked by dogs. I enjoy the feeling of having someone treat me as if i am a treasure worth taking care of.

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