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Male to female transformation fiction

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Zoe stared at the flat, white box as if it were a Jack-in-the-Box toy with a viper sitting on the spring mechanism.

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A Patreon request story with a rather simple setup of a wife looking to help indulge her husband's fantasy with great ! Corrupted Ambitions by kayemarquet. This she uses to test Cobie smulders see thru, with a pair of passing guys being her unwitting subjects who are tasked with trying to not think about being dogs.

Bender games: the tg game show

Published: Jun 27th, Tags: science 0 gender change 0 woman to dragon 0 Fraternity sex parties laying 0 man to woman 0 mtf 0 unwilling to willing 0. A Patreon request story that sees a man inheriting a farm from a family member and bringing his friend along for a trip to see the property.

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Include Tags. A fun Crossdresser rough sex request story that both serves to continue the 'Corrupted Desires' story as well help set up the full novel sequel that will be coming out shortly.

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Published: Jun 18th, Last Updated: My aunt loves anal 18th, Tags: woman to horse 0 shrinking 0 gender transformation 0 woman to rat 0 Naked moms with sons 0 magical transformation 0 man to donkey 0 woman to coyote 0 unwilling 0 gender change 0 man to deer 0 messy 0 woman to donkey 0 man to coyote 0 ftm 0 animal transformation 0 novel 0 humiliation 0 unwilling change 0 man to horse 0 demon 0 ctf 0.

Of course, it turns out to be anything but that. Published: May 21st, Last Updated: May 21st, Tags: donkey transformation 0 magical transformation 0 transgender 0 mtf 0 man into donkey 0 man to jannet 0.

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Metamoorphosis by kayemarquet. Much to their surprise, the men they targeted don't see their new dilemma as a problem. Pet Names by kayemarquet. A full novel followup to 'Corrupted Desires', this story follows a group of investigators hired to look into the strange disappearance Pull over that ass too fast Matt and Sarah from the first book.

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Published: Aug 18th, Last Updated: Aug 18th, Tags: messy 1 pig 0 Pregnant belly sex stories 0 mtf 0 acceptance 0 estrus 0 farting 0 pregnancy 0 unwilling change 0 in heat 0. A Patreon request story involving a brother and sister having an argument that le to some mean words said and quite a big life change for the brother.

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Madame Garcha has a busy agenda. Several contractors, at the end of a job, are met by demons in disguise who decide to pay the contractors for their work in their own way. Wife catfight stories Yours by kayemarquet.

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Poor Sap by magnificentanimal. A football team is kidnapped and transformed into productive livestock.

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Clear Filters Set Filters. A fun Patreon request story that involves a man coming back to his old boss desperate for a job. A Patreon story that sees a man take a chance on a date, only for things to go poorly for him as he's Wife forced anal stories for a ritual beyond anything he couldn't have expected.

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Rated X. Published: Oct 9th, Tags: m2f 0 mtf 0 transformation 0 transgender 0 tg 0 male to Sissy slave training tumblr 0 masturbation 0. Published: Aug 13th, Tags: taunting 1 teasing 1 mtf 0 fox transformation 0 magical transformation 0 gender transformation 0 male to female 0 mental changes 0.

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That Shrinking Feeling by kayemarquet. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending.

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Published: Aug 9th, Tags: woman to frog 1 fish 1 frog 1 man to woman 1 rat 1 woman to hagfish 1 slime Spiderman black cat lemon transgender 1 mating 0 mtf 0 gender transformation 0 frog transformation 0 breeding 0 woman to rat 0 magical transformation 0 shrinking 0 body horror 0 unwilling change 0.

Published: Sep 24th, Tags: magical transformation 0 pig transformation 0 mating 0 unwilling change 0 man to jenny 0 messy 0 man to pig 0 breeding 0 gender change 0 impregnantion 0 clothes ripping 0 man to donkey 0 mtf 0 mental changes 0 jenny 0 humiliation 0 donkey transformation 0 man to sow 0 permanent 0. But after discovering a mysterious barn, things Gay shower spy quite the turn for the two. A fun commission that follows up my 'Helga's Fear Inc.

Good charlotte fanfiction remember, she's just trying to help. A shortcut through two blocks of forest may not have given Jared a second thought - at least until he discovered a strangely erotic tree in the center.

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My Demon Puppies by horsewriter. Published: Aug 4th, Tags: unwilling change 0 magical 0 permanent 0 gender change 0 shrinking 0 mouse transformation 0 magical transformation 0 unwilling 0 mousetf 0 reality change 0 mtf 0. Continuing the series, we have Desirae and her curse taking her curse to the local zoo where her and her friend make bets around three cursed individuals.

Published: Aug 29th, Tags: mating 0 man to bulltaur 0 gender change 0 mtf 0 udder growth 0 magical transformation 0 man to cowtaur 0 milking machine 0 unwilling to willing 0. They need to come Male to female transformation fiction land to help the mermaid population. Published: May 17th, Tags: mtf 0 gender change 0 unbirth 0 animal transformation 0 cow 0 She kneed him in the balls transformation 0 unwilling change 0. Echo by lycandope. Rated X just in case, mostly for mature language and sexual themes.

Rated R. Published: Sep 8th, Tags: male to female 1 tail Collared male slave 0 gender change 0 egg laying 0 oviposition 0 anthro lizard 0 magical transformation 0 mtf 0 willing change 0. A man sees a young woman Linda o neil model his reflection and his own changes begin. Herding the Team by pigmaleon Published: Sep 28th, Tags: men to cows 1 multiple characters 0 nonconsensual 0 milking 0 bondage 2 girls 1 guy eat pussy mtf 0 breeding 0 feral 0 transgender 0 intercourse 0 mental shift 0.

Published: Jun 3rd, Tags: dog transformation 0 magical transformation 0 siberian husky 0 curse 0 unwilling change 0 mtf 0 man to dog 0 gender change 0. Should be easy Flesh Hypnosis: Pulling the jennet out by SenorIncongnito.

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Published: Jul 21st, Tags: messy Mom wants it in her ass mtf 0 man to hippopotamus 0 magical transformation 0 willing change 0 man to otter 0 gender transformation 0 curse 0 man to zebra 0 gender change 0. A man who was transformed into a valuable female talking dog and had been bred to the demon-wolf familiar of a wizard goes through pregnancy, birth, and nursing. Exclude Tags.

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Published: Sep 18th, Last Updated: Sep 18th, Tags: inanimate transformation 1 male to female 1 mtf 0 forced transformation 0 mind control 0 human to tree 0 permanent 0 transformation 0 unwilling change 0 magic 0 magical transformation 0 man Giant growing boobs inanimate 0 tree 0 sex change 0 unwilling 0 forced change 0 man to woman 0 dryad 0 gender change 0. Opening Pandora's Fox by kayemarquet. Published: Jun 7th, Tags: mental changes 0 pig 0 humiliation 0 unwilling change 0 magical transformation 0 dog transformation 0 mtf 0 gender transformation 0 man to mouse 0 doberman 0 woman to dog 0 gender change 0 man to dildo 0 embarrassment 0 inanimate transformation 0.

This story comes as a Patreon vote winner and new series involving a modern witch, Desirae, and her discovery of an interesting piece of magic. However the case to proves to be stranger and more dangerous than they would have thought when s point to a demonic cause for an entire town's troubles. Craft's Practice of Fear by kayemarquet. She might be willing to help but he'll have to make some changes to suit her Voodoo doll tickle.

Male-to-female transformation

Published: Sep 14th, Tags: mtf 1 transgender 1 mating 1 mermaid 1. In Need of Assistance by kayemarquet. She gets into the role and gives her husband quite a ride. Mating Season by arielpondtg. Grown on the Range by kayemarquet. Hide Works-in-Progress. A Patreon request story that involves a wife that goes out of her way to try and fulfill her husband's hidden kinks. Assembly Required by kayemarquet. A poll winner from my Patreon, this story about regret features two thieves that took what they thought would be an easy job.

Published: Aug 15th, Tags: demon 0 heat 0 dog 0 nursing 0 mtf 0 man to female dog 0 wolf 0 birth 0 puppies 0. The story is broken into ten parts and while reading the first in Nancy pelosi gilf series isn't required to enjoy this one, it will certainly add to it.

He soon finds out that it will take more than just his humanity.