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Mlp futa fanfic

My Brother gives me a space to sleeep with him and his wife but I can not resist the ass of my beautiful sister-in-law NTR 13 min.

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Detailed syntax guide. Images Random. Activity Comments. MLP:FiM turns 11 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!

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Then by all means, do try to enjoy this fic. Criticism is okay, don't Women who love big balls compliment or just say 'wow this is trash'. The victim and perpetrator was voted out in the forums. So most chapters are just "slice of life" per say. So going after her later completely altered and revamped personality will not work.

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Cake Mrs. Gilda's Lesson by Teofilo. I know this could have been a really interesting and unique story, but tbh, I really doubt I'm good enough to have pulled that off.

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Which was a ruse, the fetus was more or less abducted, stasis pods, conspiracy and the like, then she was taken out and made ready to be used in sinister plots and raised by a crazy Hit favorites playtime pals with to many crazy plans, and stuff happened. Didn't help that the author Wives get spankings it was a "serious" fic either, then only after being called on their lie made a incompetent excuse that then it apparently wasn't serious anymore.

That, or any one that has it has managed to completely hide from the net xP. Sore In the Night by Satch. Schmerz by Flutterpony. So yeah, if you want to see my somewhat overall headcanon take on Psychoshy, want to read about peculiar, rare and generic cases of rape, with a partial focus on personality delving or what to call it. Questions and Suggestions are acceptable.

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But in either case: This is both the longest and most violent piece I've written. Along with "fleshing out" a hopefully, No she wasnt ready vine plausible character. Partially after I concluded there is far, faaar from enough rape done by females in PH, along with FoE as a whole along with a certain lack of terms that would likely exist in a ex-matriarchy world.

There was at a point considerations to alter it to Brass, possibly Ram with some tweaks or somepony else, Sissy gay hypno I gave a "meh" as I was already over 80 s in production. Afterwards, Soarin bumps into a fan, but not just any fan, his one fan, and she brought him a pie Anyhow, as said, if you don't like to read about rape, don't read. Here we follow Psychoshy around, a totally mentally stable pegasus from the Project Horizons spin-off, supposed offspring of Fluttershy, whom was conceived through an abusive relationship, and for Batgirl rape porn Fluttershy knows as much as she could possibly know during her breakdown and brainwashing or whatnot was that said fetus perished during a stress induced miscarriage.

What darkness Mlp futa fanfic faces when her fears overcome her may shock you. Right, short synopsis, and overall story: This was originally intended as a part of the P, then Psycho story, it was meant to be an epilogue or something of some random pony.

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True tickle torture stories : ePub eBooks10 Series. And tbh, I do believe this was the first fic with male rape in it. I know, I'll might get around to do a really stupid and generic role reversal fic sometime. It basically started in the PH forums, and escalated from there. Sunset Shimmer just got to the hoomyn world and needs a place to stay.

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A short series I'll be writing about a sadistic Gryphon and a little colt engaging in all sorts of fun! Anyhow, the base premise of the fic is similar to any FoE fic: We follow a character around as they do stuff. : Soarin he to a night club to meet up with Spitfire, but Mg incest stories he gets there, she seems to have run into somepony familiar, and asks Make your wife submissive Soarin would be okay with her leaving with said somepony.

Underage-futa-murder-rape ensues.

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This is alternate Chapter 53 of the story "Celestia's Relaxing Vacation". Make 'Em Cry by Satch.

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This story was originally a "challenge accepted" from a pony forum in which, I complained on the utter lack of male rape. It is complete at around s long. Otherwise, if you dislike any of the topics, FoE, rape or whatnot, or love the fully revamped, disassembled and card-boardified "Whisper" then Billiard balls in pussy do not recommend that you read this, nor any upcoming chapter.

I have however tried to make it as a "glimpse of character" or whatever it is called. This is a Mlp futa fanfic to Sunset for Twilight. Contains: anal, deep-throat, digging your own grave, futa, getting off on despair, implied deserving it, loli, necrophilia, normal high-school girl activities, obvious lies, poor self-esteem, rape, selfcest, snuff, underage, vaginal. Simple as that. One Big jucy cocks to be willing to take a couple of things in mind to "accept" them as a functional character. As reading close to words is a tad bit long in one go.

Keep in mind this fic was started as soon as Psychoshy came in more or less. Site powered by eFiction.


Purple Tinkers new vagina by Shibari. I tried to go beyond just a flat "me rape now" character. Another Round by Satch. Right, so firstly I will just clearly state: This story contains male rape. I will list content in this, to as good as I can recall, so you can know what to expect. Like said, we follow Giant growing boobs, the Reaper around on her daily routing of Sadly, not too much is invested in the story here. Terms of Service.

Fluttershy's futa follies[nsfw]

Twilight Velvet decides that helping her obstinate four-year-old daughter behave is a lost cause. In either case, enough mostly accurate, somewhat serious background. And this probably took me waaay Wifes tits stories long to write but in either case.

Seeing things from another perspective. A former member of the brony fandom turned against it finds himself somehow transported to the world of ponies and wants out. And while she certainly doesn't see things like the "average" person, I tried to add a bit more depth to her personality Sisters panty stories just raping for rapes sake.

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But never really fit in anywhere of either story. So I accepted the challenge and went ahead with it. So unlike other works, I will be splitting these up into more read-able chapters. If you Incest erotic novels to read the entire fucked up story, you should start there.

So yeah, don't expect much other than hints of rape, torture and all that nice FoE stuff. So props to you if you can guess which background pony got made delusional and rides poor Soarin dry. There are references to PH here and there, and few to FoE.

And quite a few random ones to pop culture, the fandom and what have you.

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Viewer Discretion is advised. Though, it isn't exactly what you call 'family-friendly' Yes, I am the guy who is his owner. Depending how my proofreading assistance works.

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Step into the mind of a mother whose sanity breathes its last breath and then quietly slips away. I can aim to at least hopefully release one "chapter" per month.

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A Faded Rainbow by knots. Well, fun for her anyways Gilda finds a new passion through a colt named Marron. It is a bit of a homage to Pink Eyes, but overall just a bit of a "vent fic", a brief look into my shelved trio for FoE and just Real incest in texas for a chance to write something dark, and "logical" at the same time. The Forced fem audio solution is to murder the other her and take her place.