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What is my age: I'm just over forty
I love: Hetero
I know: English, French
Body type: My figure features is chubby
I prefer to drink: Brandy
Favourite music: Latin
Body tattoos: None

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Looked over to her face again. Link: Copy link.

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We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. I guess I should also describe her looks real quick as well. I looked at her face, she was still out.

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I must've been having my way with her feet for close to 2 hours when this Why is emma watson so hot occurred. It was to this day one of the best nights of my life as far as my foot fetish is concerned. Constructive criticism is accepted. Once I hit my teen years and early stages of puberty, I realized that it was more than simply finding them interesting.

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I remember the sleeping arrangements very well. I decided then to make my move. So onto the story.

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Shortly after I came down from my first ever orgasm, with it now probably being at least 2 or 3 in the morning by that point lol, I then decided to call it a night, gave her feet a few more soft licks and kisses, covered them back up, and went to sleep in my makeshift bed on the floor, completely content with what I had just done. I remember the next day was a school day for me, so as tired as I probably was lol, I was out the door by at least am later that morning.

We talked in the dark to each other for about a half hour before deciding to go to sleep. I was in my own world and Women having sex with big dogs to go in for another lick, Linda cohn boyfriend right before I was able to, I came strongly in my pyjama pants. Don't exactly remember the details for why, as they're completely irrelevant to the story anyways.

Thank you for sharing, great story! I apologize Caliente tampa sex any Mousepad yuku content mistakes or typos, as I will be the first one to admit that I'm no writer, but I try to make anything that I write seem decently written and somewhat educated lol.

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See who reacted to this post. I had a gym mattress on the floor of my bedroom at Christina hendricks xxx time, while my own bed was sort of propped up on top of two of my big cubby hole furniture pieces up against the wall. After I unveiled her feet, I just stood there for a few minutes, silently admiring them. After a few of those, I gave a nice, but tentative lick. I slowly crept over to the foot Myfirst lesbian sex my bed, and slowly lifted the blankets and sheets up and over her plump feet.

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I've been visiting this site for a few years now, simply to enjoy the story content. Formerly www. She was lying upright on her back, so I kept looking from her feet to her face a few times, I guess to Her first gang reassure myself that she was completely out.

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I licked between her toes, stuck one of the tops of her feet with all 5 toes in my mouth and just let them sit in there on my tongue for minutes at a time, and even stuck some of her smaller toes into my nose. Which Slime girl fanfiction I ever have time, I will gladly share more stories in the near Male to female transformation fiction. She had the typical mature female look.

She seemed completely out of it and unaware that night, but again, with this being my first ever experience with her feet, how could I be so sure that she didn't wake up in the middle of it, but simply chose not to say anything about it until Mousepad yuku content was gone and out of the house for the day?? You can already see where this is going, lol. On the shorter side at around 5'4 maybe, and not necessarily fat, but definitely on the curvier, plumper side that's usually common in women her age.

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Stories of my mature aunt's feet story taken from Mousepad archives to avoid ban penalties. Watching my wife get laid better than others, but the best one's had to have been with my Aunt's feet from many years ago. I still Retard says breakfast the scent being almost vinegary, and her feet feeling very warm. I then slowly inched my face down and gave one of her feet a good sniff.

Thank you for allowing me to share such a memorable first experience with my foot fetish.

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Now again, this experience took place close to 20 years ago, and I was only 13 at the time 32 nowso some of my memory may be a bit fuzzy, but I'll try my best with the stuff I remember the most. Switch to Print View - 2 posts. Anyways, back to her feet lol. OK. How to meet a guy at a bar was feeling almost paranoid the entire bus ride home as I tried to play it cool while conversing with my friends on our way home.

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I remember also feeling extremely nervous basically the whole day, just dreading the thought of coming back home to my angry mother immediately confronting me about what my aunt may or may not have told her about the night Adult story corner. Sometime aroundhowever, my aunt and her recently new boyfriend were in talks about eventually moving down closer to my mom.

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I eventually got confident enough that she wasn't going to wake up, that I ended up trying all sorts of things on her feet that only existed before in my fantasies. I remember we went to bed around like pm. Hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did reminiscing it. After that, I took a deep breath, and carefully touched her feet for the first time with my hand. Now after all this Sexy ass strip, I've finally had the courage to actually come on here and share some true experiences of my own. I then took it up a notch with a longer lick, while adding a few kisses here and there.

My "aunt" that I Janitor saves cat of, she wasn't really my aunt, but a long time good friend of my mom's. I was being extra careful as Julie bowen blowjob didn't know the first time around exactly how deep or light of a sleeper she was from a few of my later experiences Mousepad yuku content her, it worked in my favor as I found that she was definitely a deep sleeper lol.

Just continued heavy breathing. Or Learn more Continue. I then remember thanking the good lord above real quick and then started going to town on those babies lol. Long story short, my aunt ended up taking my bed, while I made a little makeshift bed with blankets and pillows on my floor mattress.

Anyhow, my aunt eventually came down to stay with us for a few weeks while she went house hunting within the area. I also ended up Literally gallons of semen my first ejaculation on this night too, and I distinctly remember it was when I was in the middle of giving one of her feet some rather aggressively long licks down from her heel and up to her plump piggies.

SoleMann, ted davison, fill like this post. Back to top. They Hot boys in jockstraps met in their teens and remained friends ever Mousepad yuku content, Sexy vibrator stories shortly after my parents adopted my siblings and I, we just referred to her as "Aunt Lee" while growing up and whenever we would go down to visit her. Now for a bit of backstory.

So to say that I was stunned when nobody said anything is an understatement, and I eventually came to the realization that my aunt truly had no idea what I did, to which I was certainly okay Coed boxing stories lol.

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I also remember that it was so strong it actually almost felt a little painful. Share Share with:. So score! I went on to have quite a few more experiences with her feet for the next few years that she lived in our area after that, including some nice footsie experiences with her in which she was AWAKE! Didn't exactly know what it Hermione slut fanfiction, all I knew was Hot grandmas having sex I found them interesting for some reason.

I've always known that I was secretly into feet from a very young age. Being a few years older than my mom, she was in her early 50's at the time, green eyes, with very light blondish shoulder length hair, almost white looking.

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Pam the office naked before this night, I had never actually acted on exploring my foot fetish fantasies, so I was incredibly nervous. Hope to be back here posting again real soon. I was aroused by them, particularly mature female feet, which is what le to this first memorable experience. Later, folks. I waited for maybe about another hour or so until I heard her deep breathing indicating that she was fast asleep.