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No shit sherlock comeback

Welcome to I Should Have Said where we teach verbal self-defense and Mixed wrestling straddle to stand up for yourself the easy way. If you are different in any way, you may not fit in completely at school or work. There is nothing wrong with being different, but people who live narrow lives may consider you strange.

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Comeback PDF. Title: Comeback.

Years old: I'm 37 years old
Nationality: Kenyan
My gender: Girl
Body features: My figure type is muscular
I like to drink: Liqueur
Smoker: Yes

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It acknowledges your failings, while also flinging shit back on your accuser. The perfect antidote for when you're losing your footing in the debate and have run out of intelligent responses.

What is no shit?

Lazy, repetitive, but effective when delivered at speed. JAX Media.

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Eternally vague and always thrilling. Nice and lyrical, but also wildly inaccurate.

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She had a short shelf life, but god was she a beauty. But points for rhyme.

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All down to the delivery. Both a blow to your foe and a PSA to your classmates that you've advanced to classic literature.

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Paramount Pictures. An intricately choreographed routine, but if you put one toe out of line, it would all come crumbling down around you. But it loses points for the sheer stupidity of also being a My teacher farted.

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Getting saddled with a nickname like 'Booga-Eater Brendan' can last for over a decade. Works in every context.

Clever comebacks if someone calls you strange

It's a careful balancing act of vocal sass, arched brows, and a finishing pause. The ultimate blow of humiliation.

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Share This Article Facebook. Perfect for your schoolyard crush.

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The ploy of taking the accuser and making them the accused? Thiccc with sexual tension. Intensely maddening to your opponent when repeated several times in singsong tune.

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Broken bones heal fast. Effective even if your foe never spits — their cries to the contrary will be drowned out in the jeers of your classmates.

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Paramount Films. Adult Swim. Spittle in the face.

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Ineffective unless your opponent is actually named Michael. For when you couldn't yet muster the courage to let your middle finger stand on its own. The beginning of millennials' love of self-deprecation.