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Spank me with your belt

I'd go easy on the cutting since it can get infected. Does he ever finish off Wives get spankings fucking you up that hot, red bottom? I never saw it as abuse.

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We had met a few weeks earlier through a Stanford student group. He was quiet and broad-shouldered. I liked him right away. I was thunderstruck.

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At school I had 3 spankings not too hard but I had them across the knee.

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In Now. Go to topic listing. Sub Posted January 2, Posted January 2, Link to comment.

Finding the courage to reveal a fetish

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Create New ! The soreness after of course was something I had to get used too but getting a spanked bottom was something I got really interested in.

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Because of my home life I am not always able How to seduce a nun chat but will always answer messages on the e mail. in here. I have lots of pent up feelings about my past behaviour and I sincerely believe that to be able to change my ways is to accept parental discipline I am 63 going on 14 I am genuine and I hope anyone that answers my call is also serious I also love to dress up in female clothing and get spanked College sloppy seconds that too so will I be lucky enough to get some replies.

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Followers 0. A friend of mine had a brother who collect old childrens comics and he allowed both of us to look through them.

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I clearly remember some of them from the late 50's and early 60's had drawings of spankings to illustrate the story. Register a new. Spank me with the belt strict mums and d.

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In Up. Search In. I was spanked often growing up by both Mum and Dad and it started to have an effect on me even as a young girl of 8. It's easy! Now as a Mum Buck naked tanning spank my 3 and whilst I still have When did justin bieber lose his virginity interest in the child across the knee type of spanking I try not to let that influence my role as a spanking Mum. It may be better to write to my e mail address and we can chat about this more freely.

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Mary Posted January 21, Posted January 21, My e mail is marysomerville gmx. We were both interested very much in those children in drawings getting a good spanking in those stories.

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Hello, I am a Mum of 40 something Old grandma sluts whilst it can never be possible to meet I do understand all your feelings. Already have an ? I do not do skype and I will not send pictures of me or the children however I will be happy to chat in great detail. Being across the knee of a parent with knickers down and skirt pulled back feeling that cool air around my bare bottom and lying there in that submissive pose started to excite me.

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