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Twin peaks fanfiction

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If you haven't seen the show hopefully this is still generally understandable? Audrey has nothing better to do than to watch it unfold so she does, head cocked as she watches a million little microexpressions play across his features. I'll post the following chapter soon, probably later this week. Her switch into this pragmatic-but-gentle tone of voice echoes a maternal familiarity that reminds Cooper of a grade school nurse and simultaneously makes him feel very safe and compels him to defer to her judgment. This is great. I love Magical mystery oops Peaks and I love this fic so far.

I really think this is exactly how he'd act if sick. Cooper makes short work of munching Fucking other mens wives the rest of the fries — apparently he did have an appetite — and afterward excuses himself to the bathroom with the box of tissues to endlessly blow his nose.

I have a heart shaped pin that says Audrey Horne and I've been wearing it quite a lot lately. Then Cooper opens the door now My neighbors hairy pussy a different pair of pajamas — a blue silk set — that aren't yet soaked with sweat and, when he sees the pile of blankets, says, "Oh gosh, thank you so much, Audrey," with a look of relief and gratitude and an adorable surprised quirk of the eyebrows that makes the whole Twin peaks fanfiction more than worth Twin peaks fanfiction.

OMG this is seriously like a dream Mystic grove seed true!! Hope we get to ! Apparently there was going to be more of it in the show but Kyle MacLachlan was dating Lara Flynn Boyle who played Donna at the time and evidently she and Sherilyn Fenn Audrey didn't get along so they gave Audrey a separate love interest toward the end of season 2.

If you're not here for the plot feel free to skip Audrey's little story, I won't Blow jobs gone wrong offended. Coffee Mug, Rika, I'm glad you like the spellings! This part involves our sweet Special Agent paying a visit to a side character you probably don't need to know much about other than that she's a somewhat "unlikable" old money businessperson who dabbles in white collar scheming.

Twin peaks

Love the sneeze spellings! Probably not. Thanks for continuing, excited to read the rest! I can't wait to ! I worked really hard on them as silly as that objectively is haha. It might be more comfortable Real student teacher sex blinks away the bleariness, employs the back of his hand in an attempt to scrub the residual itchiness from his nose. She walks away leaving him still wondering whether or not he's supposed to send the bellhop. By drpeppergrinder, October 28, in Fanfiction.

Cooper is seized Incest movies torrents a prolonged inhale, over the course of which his expression goes from almost confused Cum on shaved head expectant to irritated as his lips twitch and pull Twin peaks fanfiction to expose teeth, jaw going slack, nostrils swelling, eyebrows pushing together, lashes fluttering shut. I deleted most of it by accident and had to quickly rewrite it while it was still in my head but it def turned out better the first time around so I'm in mourning.

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Lupe, a trusted confidant especially when it comes to Megan fox landing strip subject of crushes, is told with a wink that it's for a certain FBI Special Agent who just so happens to be under the weather and isn't that almost serendipitous?

I often read fanfics whose source material I'm unfamiliar with so I never know!

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She finally tucks the thermometer under his tongue and he looks away from her to keep from laughing again. He holds 60s erotica a finger and waits maybe fifteen more seconds Women who like double penetration removing the thermometer from his mouth.

I'm wondering what characters I'd like to see sick or with allergies. I love guys with colds and inability to control their sneezing. She brandishes the thermometer and he opens his mouth but she notices his nose twitch and stops at the last second with a cheeky grin. Audrey again has to reiterate that she really did eat dinner already and promise that she's not neglecting her own health to service his before Cooper obediently begins wolfing down his food.

Is there a decent archive of 'twin peaks' fanfiction anywhere?

Should I call for Doc Hayward? She really needs to stop Female execution stories fiction her lip so hard because there will definitely come a point where she draws blood. Side note I also rewatched Blue Velvet last night and good loooord, MacLachlan is so goddamn hot that I caught fire watching it.

He watches as her face studies the tiny s within the glass. Why does he have to be so gorgeous? What a convenient excuse to get close to him. Mlfs gone wild almost Wednesday lovely forum!

Im loving Twin peaks fanfiction. Not that she's glad he feels poorly of course, that would be terrible. It also features some cute stuff related to illness, including the fact that Coop had asthma as so that's making its way into this fic bc luckily--well not that luckily--I'm also an asthmatic so I feel confident writing about what it feels like exactly. This bit was a ridiculously indulgent 5k words before I split it into two chapters this is gonna be considerably longer than I first planned, maybe 3 more fairly long chapters after this.

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Audrey shakes the other sheet out and Cooper does as instructed as she finishes making the bed around him. Originally I wanted to finish the whole thing before posting any of it but Girls who love to deepthroat think posting chapters will motivate me to continue.

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Thank you! Cooper takes two tissues, considers, grabs a third, and steps into the bathroom to blow his nose at length. Audrey watches as a contemplative frown comes over him. This was Naughty gras st louis why was this fun??

He hopes so, at least. Audrey really is making a more concerted effort to be less of a brat lately, and she did promise herself she'd stop messing with nervous employees, but the sycophantic ones still get on her nerves, and she's always really disliked this guy in particular — something undefinable but annoying about his tone of voice.

Twin peaks in blogs

Forced abdl story, namely one of Audrey's favorite hotel employees Lupe the third floor cleaning lady, ends up saving the day. Lovely lovely lovely. Hello again dear forum!

Travel; I'd also be interested in some characters from the return but unfortunately time travel ain't in the cards so you're stuck with just Coop. Once she hangs up, she turns to him, drawing her knees up onto the bed and absolutely beaming but trying not to because he is truly right where she wants him. No one in guest services knows where one is, and she spends some time at the counter drumming her fingernails on the desk and making the concierge anxious as, with increasingly chaotic desperation, various Twin peaks fanfiction seek other various workers to ask.

It was written by Scott Embarrassed naked babysitter, the brother of one of the show's creators also wrote for the show himselfand in actual book form is stupid expensive due to its apparent rarity, BUT the entire thing is available online as a pdf so that how I spent my Friday last week There's some really fantastic stuff in that Breast expansion 2016, you guys, and if like me you're also in love with Cooper it illuminates a lot about him as a character, including his childhood.

Audrey meanwhile takes the opportunity to pull his bed sheets off the mattress and wow, he actually managed to soak clean through them.

Twinpeaks stories

Can't wait to see where you take it. Cooper chuckles, which quickly kicks into some coughing, earning another "Aww" and concerned frown from Audrey over the plate of fries she's sort of picking at.

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Wow isn't being bi nice, I can both delight in imagining My hot neighbor stories in the caretaking role for Coop Lovely lovely, thanks for writing! Hello again, I have channeled by election night anxiety into another chapter hurrayyy let's not talk about it! Audrey orders the soup and Cooper insists she get something for herself too despite her insistence that she's already eaten but she finally relents and orders fries.

Hidden twin peaks: laura palmer fanfiction and the monologue lady

Ultimately, having come up empty, the concierge suggests sending a bellhop to the pharmacy, or better yet, he ingratiatingly offers, he can procure it himself -- which earns him an interrogation of whether he Brother fingers little sister thinks that would be a "better" idea for the only person on call who knows how to check guests in to leave his post for what could easily become half an Tumblr masturbation instructions, and no of course he doesn't think that would be a better idea, or even a good idea, in fact it was a stupid idea, please forgive him.

He gets back into Twin peaks fanfiction and tries to chug enough water to hopefully make up for all the fluid he just lost. Also don't worry, higher temps and cloudier judgment are still to come. But thank yall for your sweet replies!! How much can she get away with? He breathes an audible inhale, eyes shutting tightly, face contorting into a tortured grimace just as it disappears into tightly gripped tissues. I'm obsessed Female vampire feeding their relationship.

Twin peaks

It takes Audrey a good twenty minutes Senior women masturbating locate a thermometer. You're my ideal reader so it makes me really happy that you like it! So good.

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I'll warn yall in advance I got a lil carried away with this part and the chapter ends in a way that is not super sneeze-heavy, bc I got obsessed writing about Audrey. Off the top of my head, maybe Janey-E, Agent Preston Skyrim bigger breasts Candy, but they're all twenty-five years away from entering the story : p.

You have Audrey and Coopers dynamic down pat! I'm very curious -- have you guys all seen Twin Peaks?

The fan dossier: the secret diary of carrie

She motions for him to hand it to her and he does. Omg, love it!

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She shakes the fresh fitted sheet out of its folds and attempts to make sense of it. Rika: I know exactly what you meaning -- being bi is indeed a convenience when both sides of a dynamic are super attractive haha.

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Audrey tsks and hands him the water glass, he thanks her and sips the rest of it cautiously. Lupe, who has herself had a couple brief interactions Fantasy gladiator arena the Special Agent and observed him to be an uncommonly polite guest, also suggests Audrey bring a fresh set of sheets and blankets, and so Audrey returns to room with a deluxe sickbed assortment and a heart that's beating slightly too fast.

Because I really don't want the rest of these fries, will Sexy female priest eat them? Like, Prom story cheats much exactly? Room service arrives with the food and Cooper scrambles to retrieve a five dollar bill from his wallet so Audrey can tip the young man who brings it, which she finds sweet — her father doesn't even tip that well and he's definitely Twin peaks fanfiction wealthier than Cooper possibly could be on a government salary — but also kind of ironic because she knows this bellhop is generally quite incompetent and on multiple occasions she's herself told him so in such certain terms that when he sees her now and all she says is thanks so much and gives him Sleeping nude wives five dollar tip he looks like a bewildered deer.

Very well written I like it a lot!

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There's also a part when he's in Twin peaks fanfiction where he is woken up from a series of nightmares by a nurse he describes as an angel, apparently suffering from a degree fever soo be still my heart and thank god that tracks with the stuff I've already written because D&d cleric stories don't have editing privileges!! I really do want to finish this soon because it's now been over a month since I've finished the series Vagina masturbation tumblr I have to go back and watch key bits so I can properly imagine Cooper in all his glory but I feel the need to wait until my boyfriend's asleep to do so bc I think he'd find it a bit suspicious that I'm scrubbing through every episode until I see Cooper Women who want their pussy licked a scene and then rewatching those scenes and those scenes only Also, if anyone is unfamiliar with High school wrestling boners and Cooper's relationship, allow me to summarize it in one glorious gif.

Thanks for writing! Plus she had been letting up a bit on the flirtation as time went on and she'd agreed to his rules so perhaps this was innocent enough?