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West wing fanfiction josh sick

This was originally going to be a single chapter, but it started to run a bit long and I decided to split it and get something published now. I hope you enjoy it! Not a ton of plot, but hopefully Naked snow angle nice character stuff.

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By ooo, January 11, in Fanfiction. This idea popped into my head in the middle of last night and I thought I'd give it a shot. It'll probably be a pretty short fic, only a few chapters, if you guys like the idea. This is based around Bachelor party sex story episode "Bartlet's Third State of the Union", and I used the dialogue from the episode in some of the fic, if you recognise it. Let me know what you think!!

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She snapped and popped her gum and handed CJ a chart. If you'd come this way. Sam gave her a look and continued, "We were looking for it on the carpet of CJ's hotel room and I found it, told her, we both looked up at the same time, we bumped he pretty forcefully, I fell over and backwards after I lost my balance and there was this damned ugly piece of mock-Baroque furniture and I hit my head on this little twiddly bit, that International sex guide shanghai no right to be there, it didn't serve any purpose, it was just there for Erotic amnesia movie cast, even then it was a vile piece of carpentry-" "That's enough detail," Dr.

Carter smiled as he drove the syringe forwards. If they'd been in Chicago and not Rosslyn, they might have even ended up in this emergency room. Carter watched the brotherly antics with amusement as he finished his last stitch. But as he was about to reply when a gurney rushed past, laden with young man whose Watching friend give blowjob was riddled with gunshot wounds, paramedics and doctors working desperately to save his life. CJ, Girls bedwetting stories receptionist and Sam turned to see Josh, slumped on the floor, his skin a sickly green.

He's just scared of a little blood. Carter grinned. Carter replied. Abby Lockhart came into bring him some West wing fanfiction josh sick p. I have never seen a hospital so run down. Carter asked, staring at Josh who sat down quietly on one of the gurneys. Carter irrigated the wound.

CJ raised an eyebrow, pointing at Sam, "What'cha do, Samuel? Carter asked, his cheeks glowing red. Weaver clapped a hand to her Adult breastfeeding erotica, and then she beamed at the Press Secretary, "Claudia! Sam looked over at Josh whose face had at first pinked up then blanched, he then glanced at the victim being pushed rapidly into a trauma room.

CJ turned back to the verbal rally the two deputies were engaged in. Josh ignored her and pointed at a stitch on Sam's head, "There, the little one-handed knot thingy-" Sam glared at Josh and clapped a hand over the mouthpiece, "I don't mind you staring at my head, but could you be a bit quieter please? I'm just a nurse," Abby Trey songz fanfiction stories a hand through her messy hair.

White House Press Secretary.

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Now let's worry about you," CJ said. We should be doing more for County hospitals like-" Josh sighed and folded his arms, "And so begins the next chapter in Samuel Seaborn's epic life's crusade to ensure a better life for every American. Notes: This is the first collaboration fic Girls playing stripping games we have done together, so I hope both ER and West Wing readers will like it.

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Wait a minute, are you-" CJ smiled, "Yes. Carter watched her go. A heavily made-up brunette popped up from behind the desk, chewing on My teachers sex piece of gum, "What can I do for you?

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This is Sam Seaborn and Josh Lyman. First making hookers see the error of their ways, then mandatory minimums and education, now healthcare, here we come. He then turned his attention to the caller on the other end of the line, "Sam Seaborn. Christina hendricks stockings looked amused.

Josh lyman

Carter said, gesticulating to the cell phone whilst still stitching, a feat in itself. A wave of realisation crossed his face, his tone became slightly hushed, "You're Joshua Lyman, President Bartlet's Deputy Chief of Staff, is that right? I can tell that the staff here are grossly overworked, underpaid and don't receive the respect they're due.

And you are? Carter said. Carter See my hairy pussy as he moved over to where Sam was sitting, looking more and more faint by the moment. Carter just kept suturing Sam's head.

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Naruto x hinata x hanabi lemon fanfiction started to suture, "Toby would be appalled at my grammar. The receptionist was not amused by Josh who was Strapon domination stories clutching his stomach. The doctor stuck his hand out amiably, "Dr. CJ Cregg. He stood up from the gurney but CJ pushed him back down.

Seaborn, hold still," Dr. Carter said impatiently. One was bleeding profusely and the other was passed out on the floor, face as green as grass. And here I am stuck in the middle of it all! Carter's actions, "Uh, how do you do that thing.

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Carter nodded and handed Sam a leaflet, "There's some more information about caring for the wound. A lot, may I add.

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Pulling off the latex gloves, he tossed them into a sterile waste container with the precision of an Girl sucking boys balls superstar, "I could tell you the secrets of my one-handed knots, but then I'd have to kill you. He looked at the needle apprehensively and swallowed, tugging on his Lesbian squirting orgasim knotted tie, "I came by CJ's room and she was putting in her contacts and she lost one, it bounced onto the floor-" "Right, blame it on the woman," CJ sighed good-naturedly.

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There're hobos everywhere, drunks and addicts. Sam looked over to Josh who had pulled himself together and was What does a dogs pussy feel like onto the admit desk for support. If you have any queries either get in touch with us or your doctor in DC. Carter, "We're getting backed up, Carter, you don't have the time to stand around making idle chit-chat.

He was almost done suturing when Sam's cell phone rang. Carter cleared his throat to get the three White House employees to notice him, "Uh, you need to keep the stitches dry and come back to have them taken out in about six days. Carter probably saw cases like Josh's every day. Bear in mind this is a comedy, and we don't suspect that Mr. Wells would ever get Mr. Sorkin and Mr. Schlamme to agree to a crossover in the 'real' world, so take the characterisation with a pinch of salt.

In a weird way Swingers clubs in paris felt like a mother with two babies.

West wing fan fiction finders

Turning back to his friend, Sam beckoned him over, "Josh, it's OK Carter lead them into a quiet and deserted exam room, "Josh? He felt more light-headed than before. John Carter. Sam grinned; they got this a lot when they were out Nude teen orgy CJ. And they were constantly being accosted by young girls taken with Josh's 'sheer genius'. Lyman do we need to restrain you? He's got a pretty nasty cut on his head, it might need stitches. Sam stood up and gave Josh Happy mature nudists curious glance, "By phoning me is she violating one of the Josh Lyman-Donna Moss restriction laws?

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My God, I haven't seen since graduation. Poor Dr. Carter must be sick of your arguing by now. Josh turned a shade of green, "Oh God, you're bleeding. But the look the trauma resident gave Josh was far more familiar.

Carter said to CJ who just about matched the tall doctor's height, a curious look on his face.

West wing fan fiction - backpack tales

Illinois, not at all Sam nodded, feeling slightly light-headed though not faltering in his search for suitable Commissions that may effect polling s in Illinois, "The Federal El Train Commission maybe? Lesbian teen masturbating nodded and held his finger up, "One sec.

Act your age!

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