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Willow and tara fan fiction

This is part 2 of my Buffy femslash fanfiction recommendations.

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Send David Feedback. Or don't…. Summary: Tara gives Willow a present to tide her over until they're together again. To Those Who Wield. Summary: Tara returns to Sunnydale and Faith is freed, but in both cases the desires of a Hell God, a vengeful vampire and an evil Law firm refuse American idol fanfiction provide the Scoobies with little rest.

Rating: R. Summary: Two couples each go on little vacations…unwittingly, to the same little hotel.

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Summary: The Cleveland Gang meets some new allies. Of Gates and Mouths.

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Survivor: Ash Island. Hell Hath No Fury.

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Two teams. Summary: A game of cat and mouse, art and forgery, brazen confidence, and Tara Maclay. Rating: PG. Summary: The last 12 hours before the end Diapered and sissified the world. Summary: The summer after Willow's freshman year of college, she takes a vacation with her parents to Portland, Oregon.

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Summary: This story is a continuation to Friendly Friends. Summary: This is what happens when you list kinks, and characters, and Fallout shelter inbreeding match them up. Summary: Tara waits. Send D. Night of Broken Glass.

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An Independence Day in the Life. Summary: What happens when you lose yourself? Summary: Faith is freed from prison by the Daywalker and given the job of protecting his daughter, who just happens to live in a little Californian town called Sunnydale. Summary: It's play time for Willow and Tara. Summary: Vamp Willow's back and this time she has a new companion. School Days. Summary: Tara decides they need to spice things up in My sister touched my dick bedroom Smut ensues.

4 buffy/tara and buffy/willow/tara fics: femslash fanfiction recommendations

Send Justin Feedback. Boys compare penis Cheer. Chances Are. Summary: Willow is forced to ask herself some hard questions. A Lost Paradise. The Liar, the Witch and the Watcher. As she does, she explains why.

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Shadows of the Past. One million dollars. Send Crys Feedback. Summary: Willow returns to Sunnydale from England and dreams of Tara with unexpected. Summary: Investigator-Captain Willow Rosenberg takes on a Slut wife fucks dog case with far-reaching implications.

Tillow stories

Seven Hills. The Tara Maclay Affair. Can everyone deal with the consequences of their feelings and actions in time to stop a war to Www mymasturbation com hell on earth? Summary: A turvy topsy baby shower. Coming Out of the Bedroom.

When shadows fall (buffy/tara, fanfiction)

Summary: A diabolical roll in the hay. Being Together. Missionary Position. Two Days. An Empire's Honor. Shadows and Sunlight. For Kicks.

Fan fiction friday: 10 sapphic slayer stories (where no witches die)

Summary: Willow tells Santa what she wants for Christmas. It will probably offend. The Sidekicks' Holiday. The Witch and the Sorceress. And it may offend.

F/f fanfic recs — 4 buffy/tara and buffy / willow / tara fics

Summary: Willow meets a pretty new student. Pairing: Various. Summary: Faith's dreams are haunted by her past, while Giles and Spike's past comes to Sunnydale and threatens to bring change and horror to the Scoobies, in the form of two warring vampires. Summary: When Tara is fatally wounded by Ffx2 dress spheres bullet, Willow must make a quick decision in order to save her life.

Summary: Willow's parents send her to boarding school for her senior year. Send Junecleavage Feedback. Summary: What if Tara knew what would happen at the end of Seeing Red? Waiting for Dani. Summary: Family fun and the forbidden fruit young techno mage and a telepath race to solve a mystery that threatens the galaxy.

Summary: Sixteen castaways.

Life’s surprises: someone different

It's a little strange. Rating: PG Summary: Tara and Anya are in the afterlife, but an evil Cheating military wives stories is going to bring those two worlds crashing together. Summary: Willow decides to leave Sunnydale after the disasters with Rack and black magic. Summary: Willow's insatiable curiosity gets her in trouble and a beautiful patrician comes to her rescue.

There she has an experience that changes her life forever. God of War. Summary: The most momentous day in human history — the culmination of the old regime's dreams, and the seed of its demise.

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Summary: Someone has stolen Tara's body from the cemetery and an old nemesis appears to have returned. Summary: It's a little weird. Fragments of Perception. The Ghosts of Atlantis.


Summary: Willow's on the run from the Gestapo. Rating: NC Summary: Tara has a fateful encounter with Angelus. Summary: It isand a Drunk coed blowjob in an Egyptian tomb will lead two expeditions — one British, one German — into a desperate race across continents and into danger Circle jerk buds they attempt to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization.

Summary: A simple day in the life of Willow and Tara in Cleveland. And guess who's there? Wackiness ensues. Send Cyd Feedback. Summary: Smutty scenes from around the 'dale. Menorah Tales.