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Women apartment wrestling

Like many guys born in my time, I came of age in the early 70s.

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This Fargo wrecking crew refer to themselves as the Valkyries Of The Valley which is pretty kick ass. Their Facebook has a photo from what appears to be a February 27th, event in a venue of some sort versus just an apartment. The photo has one of the most unexpected comments ever! In a promotional piece from the Fargo area's High Plains Reader Father watches daughter masterbate

Age: 20
Service for: Man
Iris tone: Clear blue eyes
Color of my hair: Brunet
Favourite drink: Beer
Music: I like blues
I have piercing: None
Body tattoos: None
Smoker: No

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After more than three years as the champion, 00Heaven lost her title to a motivated and focused Cartier. In fact, her critics contend that she possessed a very limited skill-set, gathering attention and opportunities based Slutty dressed women on her appearance.

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D-Cup Champion. Totally smoke and mirrors.

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For more than two years she dominated the promotion, defeating all comers. Daniella Cartier.

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As such, little is known about her, but much is speculated upon. Diane Hunter. Profile : apartmentwrestlers.

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In some ways she is an enigma, coming out of nowhere to leap upon center stage, only to flame out like Icarus, flying too close to the sun. Presenting background information on 00Heaven is difficult because she has carefully and aggressively taken steps to protect her privacy.

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Without the title belt, she seemed lost and bounced around from promotion to promotion trying to recapture the glory. She intimidated her opponents, got into their he, Worlds largest anal creampie them and then probably cheated her way to a win.

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World Champion. The world of apartment wrestling had changed, however, and more sexy women had entered the sport.

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Taylor Wilson. She is the Hardcore Hellion, the hardest working woman in apartment wrestling.

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Many competitors felt that she was just a Aztek fan club ass and a pretty face, however. She legally changed her name to 00HEAVEN in but the records of her birth name and information were destroyed in a fire in the office of records in Illinois.

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She had become a queen without a kingdom and quickly faded into the shadows. For whatever reason though, she won.

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Beautiful and sexy, she carried with her a mean streak that propelled her to the ACW Bare naked pussies title and kept her opponents at bay. Our Other Sites.

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Not since the early days of modern apartment wrestling had wrestlers like Seka and Cynara brought such striking beauty to the sport. Biggest Rivals.

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In the end though, her luck and her tactics An elven problem only go so far. She is Lady Goliaththe most dangerous woman in apartment wrestling. Many contend that this was just a fable created in order to stir up interest in the moribund field of apartment wrestling.